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Like most initiatives in 2020, our beloved Surface series of exhibition goes online this year! Even though many things seemed to have slowed down almost to a stop, creativity has soared and there’s renewed enthusiasm to forge ahead in the best possible format to introduce our audiences to newer artists with each round. We present to you –Surface: The Online Edit, with as much love and dedication as our previous physical displays at the studios.

We’re introducing some brilliant artists to you this year-Riddhi’s mesmerizingly earthy works on khadi, Vidi’s precision and skill on display with her OP Art canvases, Harsimran bring together nostalgia of the old and the new on vibrant large denim canvases, Varnita’s charming graphic works, Khushi’s beautifully paired portraits of people and plants and the lack thereof in Nilanjan’s urban landscapes with screen printing on concrete ,Ankan and Yashika working beautifully on the looming theme of nature and imposed lockdowns.On the one hand, Purvanshi illustrates the five elements in nature, Rachna abstracts her expressions on works done with oil pastels.

We also have two very different displays of cyanotypes from Chirantan and Zarrin that are stunning, to say the least.Talking of different mediums, Tasneem has brought forth sound works that add a sensory angle to your visual aid, while Dhiraj and Nidhi display their large - scale installations.

As physical borders became difficult to cross over, an online format has made it possible for us to exhibit international artists on our platform this year – we have Ayumi, a Japanese artist based out of Hong Kong displaying some beautiful installation pieces that deal with lines and paper, Babak and Sara, both photographers from Iran – while Babak captures performance pieces and the theory of anima, Sara shows us what solitude looks like in her quarantine series.

Now that we’ve introduced you to the world of Surface: The Online Edit, we invite you to click ahead and treat yourself through our display. All works are on sale, and we would be happy to assist you with any queries you might have.

Until next time!
Anubha and Amisha

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